Sunday, October 24, 2010

Boiled green peanuts.

I bought a butt-ton of green peanuts. At the farmer's market. Attempts at roasting them gave results that were not high on the edibility scale. I wanted to make a chile/ground peanut sauce and put it over potatoes, but that was temporarily vetoed by C. Boiled peanuts are so good that I might never try any other peanut recipes.

Put three tbs salt and three cups of water into a pot. Heat to a boil. Add up to two cups of green peanuts. (Why you'd want two cups, I don't know. They might make you ill if you eat them all yourself. Not that I know anyone who'd do that.) Boil for ten minutes. Remove. Dust with salt. Eat.

After I made two cups worth, I tried it again with half a cup. Still tasty. And I tried it with shelled raw peanuts. Still tasty. It's hard to mess this up.

These are pretty much the perfect snack on a lazy, rainy day. Try them with a pot of green tea and some trashy fiction/video games. Or a big stack of thank you notes. (All water marks with salt riming on my thank you notes are from tears of gratitude.)

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