Sunday, May 30, 2010

Already late posting!

I planned to start posting as soon as I got my camera, but then my parents decided to remodel the kitchen.

That's right, I'm 27, employed, healthy, and live with my parents. I'm awesome.

Of course the remodel took longer than expected- things went horribly wrong, etc, etc. My plans for a dynamo complete meal as a first post were foiled.

Instead, I figured I'd do some cooking on the deck- little bit of camp cooking, little bit of barbecue... Maybe figure out some vegetable versions of yakitori... (Chicken is right there in the name, I know. Bear with me.)

Then I got up Sunday morning, tripped outside, and saw that this is what the deck- and the temporary prep table- looks like right now. That is a dishwasher, it is hooked up to a garden hose, and I will be posting later.

Right now I'm ordering pizza.