Sunday, November 21, 2010

A tofu dish my husband will eat.

I'm currently visiting C. One might think that cohabiting would lead to me cooking more- and it does- but so little of that food could ever be called vegan. Either I'm trying to give him a heart attack, or I've been methodically trained to cook things that he likes.

So today I made "Stack things in the rice cooker". It's a pretty complex meal; I'm sure sometime in the Thanksgiving week I'll be desperate enough to give it a post. Today, I'm posting about some artisanal tofu I found. (oh, Bay Area- full of things I was not aware existed, but now need to purchase.) I've never been fond of tofu- and fancy tofu is not significantly tastier than non fancy tofu. However, when I worked as a nanny for a very nice family their children ate nothing but Moon rice and this tofu dish. When I made it tonight, C neglected his absurdly large plate of rice and sweet pickles and hogged all the tofu. Then he ate everything else on the table.

Take 4 oz. tofu- any kind that isn't silken. Slice very thinly or cube. Add a healthy coating of soy sauce- I prefer low sodium, but I also prefer what's in the cupboard- and six drops of sesame oil. Stir so that every side of the tofu is exposed to the sauce. Serve.

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  1. This sounds like part of one of my recipes, except I then proceed to fry the tofu and toss in some veggies.

    Of course, that was non-fancy tofu, so fancy tofu may be sufficiently tasty to warrant non-frying.